How is Skate Skiing done?

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Skate Skiing

Winter sports such as cross-country skiing or skate skiing have always drawn large numbers of people to the ice covered countryside. Cross country skiing is a popular winter sporting activity that has evolved over a period of time into various forms such as classic skiing, telemarketing, skate skiing and skiathlon. Apart from competitive events, skate skiing is also a popular recreational activity for many cross-country skiers. 

Skate skiing is basically a kind of Nordic skiing that involves a high intensity workout and hence the skier has to take care of his basic fitness program. Skate skiing is a fine aerobic activity contributing to good health. Those who regularly indulge in skate skiing would sum up the experience akin to dancing or even flying as skate skiing involves fast and gliding movements.

What is the skate skiing motion?

Skate skiing is different from the traditional form of classic skiing.Skate skiing incorporates a rhythmic technique with the use of diagonal strides and is the fastest and best way to ski on varied terrain. The skier propels his body forward with the help of the poles while kicking the skis in the outward direction diagonally away from the body. The diagonal V stroke is commonly used by skiers for momentum while climbing.

The movements used in skate skiing are similar to those of ice skating or in-line skating and can be practiced on classic skis. But it would be ideal to use skate skis that are specifically designed for this purpose. Skate skiing is an awesome and fun sport affording a great deal of exercise at the same time.

How to get started in Skate Skiing?

If you have traditional cross-country skiing equipment, it may not help in skate skiing as the gear used in skate skiing is quite different. Skate –skis are basically narrower, lighter and shorter than classic skis besides skate-skis fittings are based on weight.

 While skate skiing, it is essential to wear skate boots that are equipped with adequate ankle support to prevent any injury to the ankle during the various twisting motions involved in skate skiing. Skating poles have to be of the proper height measuring from the chin to the ground level and are thus longer unlike the classic poles. Skate skis are devoid of the grip pattern required in classic skiing which involves a lot of gliding motion.

Choosing the right kind of equipment is significant to having a good experience in skate skiing. It would be a good idea to take guidance from an expert while choosing the gear such as boots, poles and skis, especially if you are planning to buy them as they are quite expensive. An alternative would be to rent the equipment at first and determine whether you really want to invest in them. Instead of starting out on your own, it is highly recommended  to take a beginner’s skate skiing lessons available at the many Nordic centers. This way you can be sure of learning the correct techniques inherent in skate skiing.


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