What are the advantages of Transracial Adoption?

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Are you thinking about adopting a child? There are many issues that one has to look into before adopting a child as this is a very intensive and emotional process.

Adopting a child of a different race was not very common but has been on the increase lately. So one needs to think very carefully before making a decision. Such decisions are matters of the heart and any wrong decision may not only result in lifelong regret but also affect the life of a child. Spend time examining your own beliefs about race and ethnicity. Here is  some basic information about trans-racial adoption that everyone should know.


What is trans-racial adoption?

Trans-racial adoption means placing a child who belongs to a particular race or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another race or ethnic group. Though some adoptive families may wish to adopt a child from the same racial background as themselves, there are also many who choose to diversify their family makeup by adopting a child of a different race or ethnicity. Trans-racial adoption is one of the most controversial methods that are thought to improve the welfare of many homeless children. Trans-racial adoption occurs for many reasons, and while there may be challenges, the child  benefits on multiple levels.  Adoption experts have different opinions about this type of adoption, however it is clear that trans-racial adoption has many good things in store for both children and the adopting families.



Why is Trans-racial Adoption good?

Being a multi-racial family can be a culturally rich experience if the family chooses to embrace their diversity and seek out opportunities to expand their cultural horizons. Trans-racially adopted kids benefit greatly from learning about differences in people and this can inspire them to live and survive amidst different cultures. Children who are adopted transracially have the added benefit of participating in diverse festivities and to learn about different cultures. The main instruction that is given to adoptive parents is to expose the child to traditions and festivities of the race that the child actually belongs to. This is a common mistake that many parents make by not educating their trans-racially adopted child to its own culture. The reason behind this is that by making them aware of their own culture, these children develop tremendous self-esteem.


What are the Advantages of Trans-racial Adoption?

  • Those children who have been adopted into a family of a different ethnic background and race are observed to handle identity crisis and social stigma better than most of their counterparts. This is because they know they are different from their family members in many ways.
  • Younger children who are adopted trans-racially are successful at dealing with adoption insecurities they may have before they become young adults. This is a great benefit for children as it is an unavoidable issue with adoption that needs to be dealt with as early as possible. This will help them to build a stable relationship and a solid foundation with their adoptive family. 



What are the disadvantages of trans-racial adoption?

  • Families interested in pursuing a trans-racial adoption undergo an extra level of scrutiny than those adopting from same race. In addition to this, if parents adopt trans-racial children from foreign countries, they face the additional burden of immigration, paperwork and travel.
  • Few child welfare associations argue that trans-racial children grow up without an understanding or connection to their one culture, and that such adoptions are damaging not only to these children but to the child community at large.

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