What are the different types of tents?

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There is something to consider before you decide to buy a tent because there are large variety of tents that you have to choose from. The type of tent you need depends on what you plan on doing with it? What season you are planning to go out? How many will be going on your trip? You have to determine the size and type of tent you need because by choosing the right tent you will be able to make the most out of your event, camping trip or hunting trip, helping to create an enjoyable experience for you! Here are some types and tips to choose the right tent for you.


A-frame tent: The A-Frame tent is one of the oldest and the lightest types of tents available today. They are characterized by two poles on each end that fit together to make a triangle and a pole across the top to hold the middle of the tent up. This tent is mainly designed for maximum two people and is very simple to construct. However this type of tent is not reliable on windy condition because of its lightness.


What is a Dome Tent?

The dome tent: These tents owing to their shape are most spacious and can be divided into rooms as well. Can fit  a single person or a family as they come in both individual and family sizes. Easy to carry by backpackers, it is very popular in camping. Its shape makes it more heat efficient. The tents have a "rainfly" which is water proof and helps in keeping the interior dry. So depending on what type of group you have Dome tents have various options. Even the windows come in clear or mesh options. Dividers are available if you need more privacy in the family dome tents. The family tents also have the option of tafetta walls to make it more sturdy.  Dome tents are very easy to move if you decide to shift to any other location close by. The most important thing is it is very stable in windy conditions.


What is a cabin tent?

The cabin tent: Well, if you plan to go car camping and need room to stand then the cabin tent is your best bet. The cabin tents are big enough that you can actually park your car inside it. It is a huge tent that was designed for camping with your car. Some of them stand as tall as 8 ft giving it the room to have a party as well. . These tents are made with heavy material which helps for long durable. These are also exclusively used for hosting backyard parties, or for bigger family groups that go on camping.


What are geodesic tents?

The geodesic tent: These tents were introduced by the Buckminster Fuller. He was an engineer, author, inventor. Mr. Fuller was the one who introduced the geodesic dome in buildings. The geodesic dome is based on "tensegrity" structures such as tetrahedron, octahedron which are a net of continuous structures that do not touch each other but form closely bound spheres which is just enough to not make them touch each other but also have enough tension in them to make them separate spatially to form a sphere.


The geodesic tents have become popular because of its design as it requires minimum material and provides a large space. This concept is specially useful in tents as there is a central pole which gives it additional strength in high wind conditions as there are no weak points and is easy for one person to set it up. Geodesic tents are heat efficient and spacious like the other tents but their main selling point is the high strength and stability they provide.


What are Tunnel tents?

Tunnel tents: Tunnel tents or Mutli-hoop tents as they are also called are tents used both in camping, as a kids play area, even as tents for pets. Due to the ring structure in these tents they can give a good height. These  are similar to A-frame tents but slightly heavier. A good tunnel tents must be at least 3 lbs in weight including the poles, guy lines  and canopy panels This type of tent is a large standing free room tent. The tent is waterproof and is very easy to assemble. Another benefit of this tent is it has the capable of shedding heavy snow.


What are Folding tents?

Folding tents: Folding tents are also known as  popup canopies or instant gazebos are incredibly handy for events, festivals, promotions. Being a lightweight spacious and easy to setup as well as fold up is an ideal choice for moving around and quick set up. These tends usually do not need to be staked down but can sometimes require skylines attached to tress or stakes. Folding tent is easy to move to other places when it needs to be shifted within a short frame of time.  It is ideal for hunting or camping.


What are Umbrella Style tents?

Umbrella style tents:  They are like umbrella because they have only one supporting pole in the Centre of the tent. They are simple and light, but not the type of tent you want to be in during camping or hunting. Mostly ideal for sitting under on  a beach or in the backyard for a party to have shade while you are in the sun.


These are the different types of tents that are available in the market. If you will be rambling during rough weather, it is best to choose a tunnel or dome tent. If conditions will be clear, you can get by with an A-frame or folding tent. Umbrella style is not for camping or hunting.

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