What is the book Haggadah about?

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The Haggadah is a book that Jews read on the first night of their Passover. The Haggadah talks about the slavery of jews in Egypt and the miracles that has done by God for releasing them from the slavery. The word haggadah means "telling," which comes from the Biblical command. Traditionally a Jewish family sits around the festive table on Passover night and reads the Haggadah  to let all of their family members should know about their ancestors struggling and God's power, this  will not give them an understanding not only about the facts but reliving it as well. The Haggadah explains the Egyptian separation and exodus  which are blueprints for Jewish history. Each generation reads this book not only to understand their ancestry and religion but for guidance in understanding the God's power through the Haggadah's trails and the rejoice story. The Haggadah is in fact considered a compulsary crash course in Jewish history.

Why was the Haggadah created?

The Haggadah was created to bring the structure, symbolisms, meaning of life, and clarity to an event like freeing the slavery from Egypt that merited such attention. Furthermore, God commanded the Jewish people in the Book of Exodus to keep the Passover event, so such a commandment from the Almighty God shows the order of such a holy favor that God did for the Hebrew people in leading them out of slavery in Egypt. the commandment is, “And you shall tell your child on that day, saying: 'God did miracles for me when I left Egypt so that I would fulfill the Torah's commandment."-Exodus 13:8


What is the Passover Haggadah?

The Passover Haggadah is a type of instruction manual for keeping the Passover day which is the festive meal that opens the Passover holiday. The Passover Haggadah explains the 15 steps that are performed at different points in the Passover Seder. Jewish encourages various versions of the 15 steps in order to motivate the interest in adults and children and so there are over 3,000 different types of Passover Haggadahs has comes in print today.


Who reads the Haggadah?

The Haggadah is usually read by the Passover Seder leader, but this is not always the case because of the different versions of the Haggadah. There are many ways that Jewish families in different countries  read this. Mostly the head of the family  reads while others listen to it.  For example, in some families, the Haggadah is only read by the Passover Seder leader. Whereas in other families, either a head of the family or each person at the Passover Seder table takes turns reading from the Haggadah. There couldalso be a mixture of reading from the Haggadah by the Passover Seder leader and by the participants at the Passover Seder table.


What is the unique  about the Haggadah book?

Haggadah book talks about Freedom that has been given to them God. It's the type of freedom that has given to the Jewish people to show the God's blessing to survive and to thrive. It's not alone the freedom of the body, it is more or less the freedom for the spirit. And this freedom is available at Passover-time to help you achieve whatever you want. A person with true freedom knows the true blessings and can achieve whatever they wish. They are free to change themselves and change the world if there is a need. The Haggadah shows the birth of the Jews as a people actually. You could say that the Haggadah   shows the national birth certificate of jews as well as their Declaration of Independence. It is not just a historical document because it talks about the ideals and values which constitute the essence of thier national identity.

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