What do I need to get a Hunting License?

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In the ancient times, hunting was considered a necessity for survival. But as humans became more evolved with technological advancements, hunting has been reduced to more of a recreational activity than a means of survival. Some consider it an adventurous game while nature groups consider it inhumane specaillay in this day and age where a lot of the animals are getting on the extinct list. Nevertheless there are always a section of the society that consider hunting a favorite hobby even today. Whether it's a weekend hobby or kind of making an adventurous way to spend time with friends and family, a hunting trip is an unique experience that you will never forget. But there a few steps  you must follow to have a good experience. First of all would be to get a license, otherwise you will get into serious trouble with the ranger. If you plan on hunting, make sure you have your hunting license ready for presentation. Getting a license is not a big deal but you should know a few things to make sure you get exactly what you need.


Where will I get the hunting license information?

It depends on where do you live. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the hunting licenses. For example in countries like India, hunting is strictly banned whereas in countries like USA there are some rules to be followed before you embark on your hunting trip. you can even get the accurate information from the internet. Even it is best idea to search for a government websites, because they will provide you the accurate information more than a private sites. In this way, you can provide you documents without giving a chance to reject your permission license. For the beginners, it is always recommended to seek for the certain information like in US,  You need a certain age to obtain the hunter license. It is important to check the regulations for your country to determine if you are required to complete this course. Some countries provide exemptions for hunters born before specific dates. One of the best ways to get information about applying a hunting license in your state is to find a hunter who is well experienced in hunting, so they can help you further.Moat of the Hunters are proud of themselves for the fact that they are educated in their states rules and regulations and are more than willing to share their knowledge with fellow hunters.


What is Apprentice hunting License?

  Apprentice license is like a proper license but it is for a certain period, it is also called temporary license. For Apprentice license, you no need to have required safety course, it is valid for one year.  In this Period you can go with proper hunter to learnt hunting, but the hunter should have passed the hunter education course. The important thing about Apprentice license is you are eligible to have only once in your life time, so within this period, you have to utilize and take a proper hunting license.  Once after it get expired you are allowed to take a regular hunting license. This information you can get it from your state government Wildlife Website. 


Is hunting license expensive to get?

 The cost of Hunting license would differ from country to country even state to state. In fact most of the state offers license for Non-resident as well as resident but it depends on your state rules. It would be really great if you approach an experienced hunter who already gone through all the process to obtain the hunting license. Or else you can easily walk to your hunting department to ask about your doubt or for any clarification, the information they would give you has the more value.  Make sure everything clearly to fit to your state government rules to obtain the hunting license. once all the process done and when you get your hunting license, make sure to hunt safe. 

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