What does Keratin help with?

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Taking care of skin and hair is a regular beauty regimen and we all like to  young and beautiful forever. Aging signs and wrinkles are a total no-no,  and many of us, especially women try ways and methods to cover these wrinkles or reduce the signs of aging. The cosmetic manufacturers too knowing the huge demand for skin care and hair care products and offer various new inventions to appeal to their customers. Keratin is one such component which forms the outer layer of our skin and is primarily present in hair and nails.


What is Keratin?

Keratin is specific type of protein that composes our skin, nails, hair, horns, teeth and hooves. It is made up of amino acids of certain type which combines together to create special characteristics of keratin. The level of amino acids decides the flexibility or hardness of keratin. It can be hard like hooves or even smooth like skin. The keratin we see or touch is dead. The skin, hair and nails are made up of dead cells which are shed by the body for growing new You do not have access to view this node. When the dead cells are maintained properly, they work as insulation and helps protect the new keratin cells growing beneath. The most common chains of amino acids are glycine, alanine, and cysteine.


What is the chemical composition of Keratin?

It is difficult to dissolve keratin because cysteine disulfide is present in it which assists in creating disulfide bridges. These bridges construct a helix shape which is very strong. The shape is formed by atoms of sulfur by bonding with each other from the right side to across the helix. This makes a very strong fibrous matrix which is difficult to dissolve. Depending upon the presence of cysteine disulfide, the bonding strength depends. When burnt it emits sulfurous smell as it consists of sulfur in high amount.


What are Keratin biomaterials?

The strong composition of keratin has given rise to many types of biomaterials which are used in biomedical applications. The key properties of keratin are used in physical, chemical and biological behavior of these biomaterials. Keratin films, Keratin sponges and scaffolds, and Keratin fibers are some of the regular Keratin biomaterials.


What are the uses of Keratin?

Keratin is especially used in skin and hair products to strengthen the cells. Since keratin is made up of proteins, it gives strength to hair. Hence you find keratin based shampoos, hair creams, and vitalizing oils to give more strength to the falling hair. Split ends, and luster less hair can get glossiness and healthy look by using keratin based products.


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