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What does the Muslim phrase, "Peace Be Upon Him" mean?

What does the Muslim phrase, "Peace Be Upon Him" mean?

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Islam is considered to be more of a culture than a religion and is the second most followed religion around the world with millions of followers. The religion was started in Arabia by Prophet Muhammad. Followers of Islam are known as Muslims and they believe that only one God or Allah exist in the whole universe. The major Islam following countries are Asia, Middle East, and the north of Africa.



Who was the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

“Peace Be Upon Him” or Prophet Muhammad was born at Mecca, Saudi Arabia in A.D. 570. He was known to be the last prophet or messenger of Allah. The first prophet was Adam. There were several prophets who preceded Prophet Muhammad including Adam, Noah, Abrahim or Ibrahim, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses or Musa, Aron, David, Solomon, Elias, Jonah, John the Baptist and Jesus (Isa) who were also known as “Peace Be Upon Him”. But Prophet Muhammad is revered the most and is known as “Peace Be Upon Him”. He is supposed to be told every word of Quran by the God himself through Arch Angel Gabriel. Prophet Muhammad wrote each and every word and also practiced the doctrines from Quran in his real life.



Why do Muslims say the phrase "Peace Be Upon Him"?

Religious Muslims often refer to prophets and other great religious scholars with the phrase, “Peace Be Upon Him” to show respect. This phrase reflects honor and is also used in the sacred holy text of Muslims-Quran and Hadith. This phrase is used only by the Muslims. Non-Muslim communities are not expected to make use of it while referring to any of the prophets. Fervent Muslims make use of “Peace Be Upon Him” to worship and offer prayers to the prophet and this ritual is known as "Salawat" or "Salah". The Islamic community believes that by performing "Salawat" they are also offering prayers on the part of the prophet.



What is the importance of saying "Salawat"?

According to Quran, God expects Islam followers to say Salawat for the prophets. Commonly, any religious Muslim person says Salah to some prophet in his regular prayer. The Quran also tells that the prophets should be mentioned with respect and it is important that Salawat or Peace Be Upon Him” should be said for them in every prayer. Muslims believe that whenever they pray for Salah to the prophet, all their previous sins get cleared off and they are blessed by the Allah. According to Islamic law, a religious Muslim should pray to God five times a day. It is believed that the more they say Salawat for the prophets, they get more near to Allah and the heaven (Jannat). The holy script of Islam Hadith suggests that although there are several prophets only one Salah “Peace Be Upon Him” is applicable to all of them.



What is the significance of ?Peace Be Upon Him? for Muslims?

The use of the phrase “Peace Be Upon Him” is of great significance for the Islamic community. It suggests great reverence and respect for the person for whom it is used. It is a way of recollecting the specialty of Islamic practices and law as told by Muhammad Prophet in Quran.



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