What does the symbol of Triquetra mean?

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The Triquetra is an ancient symbol consisting of three vesica pices interlocked in an eternal arc and sometimes enclosed within a circle to represent unity. The Triquetra is typically used to symbolize people or ideas occurring in a group of three. It could be symbolic of the Trinity of Christianity or the Celtic notion of the three elements of earth, namely earth, air and water. The Triquetra could also be symbolic of the three related concepts of mind, body and soul.


What is the Triquetra in Christianity?

In Christianity, the Triquetra is a symbol for the Trinity which symbolizes the three persons of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit representing one god. The three equal arcs of the Triquetra stand for equality while the lines moving in a continuous arc represent eternity. The unique interweaving of the Triquetra symbolizes unity and indivisibility. The Triquetra, as a symbol of the Trinity was used commonly by the Celtic Christian Church and sometimes represented by three interlaced fish within a circle representing unity. The idea of the Trinity is expressed in a number of verses of the Bible which includes Matthew 3:16-17 and John 14:16-17; among others.


What is the Origin of the word Triquetra?

Triquetra is a Latin word which translates to ‘three-cornered’. The history of the Triquetra is not clear though it can be dated back to its appearance on Indian heritage sites dated to be about five thousand years old. The symbol has also been found in Northern Europe, on carved stones dating back to the eight century The use of the symbol of Triquetra has been found in diverse cultures across the world including paganism and Celtic art. The symbol has become a part of Christian faith which represents the Trinity.


What is the Triquetra in Pagan and Wiccan Culture?

The triquetra represents the three cycles of life, death and reincarnation. As forces of nature the Triquetra represents the elements of earth, water and air. The three interlocking circles symbolize female fertility. The triquetra is also symbolic of the three Goddess of maiden, mother and crone. . The Maiden as a goddess represents the stage of innocence while the Mother is symbolic of creation and the Crone is an an embodiment of wisdom.


What is Triquetra being used in the Modern Times?

The symbol of Triquetra has recently become popular due to its use on the TV series ‘Charmed’ aired on American TV. The characters of the three sisters symbolize the three witches functioning as a single entity. The triquetra is regarded as an intrinsic part of Celtic artwork and people who identify with celtic culture like to display it as an important design of Celtic knotwork. In such artworks the triquetra can appear in simple forms or in more ornate artistic designs. The Triquetra symbol is also used in jewellery designing while a music band uses the symbol on their CD covers. 

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