What does the term Endermologie mean?

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Until some time back cellulite was a term strictly restricted to the glamor world, fashion, models and celebrities who have to be extra cautious regarding their figure and body shape. Today, every health and beauty conscious women understands what cellulite is and is eager to get rid of it. A recent survey indicates that around 80 to 85% women are affected by cellulite, which usually starts appearing when the girls reach puberty. Our body is composed of various fatty tissue layers and every layer has its own distinct property. Some of the fatty tissue layers respond well to diet and exercise whereas some do not budge an inch and need clinical intervention or other remedies. This is where the anti cellulite treatment, creams and lotions come into picture.


What are the Factors that cause Cellulite?

Various factors can cause the formation of cellulite. The common one includes:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Problem in blood circulation
  • Hormone dysfunctions
  • Bad nutrition habits


What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is a machine that is used for massage having 2 rollers accompanied by a mild suction and when it is rolled on the fat layer forms a fold. This is the first ever treatment being approved by FDA under the claim of ‘temporary cellulite reduction’. The person who performs the treatment is called endermologist and only a certified endermologist can perform this treatment. Due to the folding action caused by the roller and the suction the connective tissues are stretched thereby reducing the cellulite and inches. This treatment apart from reducing cellulite temporarily also reduces body measurements, enhances circulation, reduces spasms in muscles and gives relief from muscular You do not have access to view this node.


When was Endermologie developed?

During the 1980s a non invasive method so as to cure the scars on the body of burn victims was developed. During the treatment it was noticed that this treatment was also showing improvements in cellulite. From then on after grueling research, benefits of endermologie were recognized completely and today it is also approved by FDA.


How does Endermologie help?

The main purpose of endermologie is to reduce or eliminate cellulite presence so that it is not visible. The technology is created by LPG systems which are a French aesthetic health and wellness company. In endermologie technology the skin is either lifted or rolled so that the cellulite is reduced. This gives a smooth appearance to the skin. Motorized machines are used along with rollers during the procedure that glide all over the surface of the skin so as to stimulate elastin and collagen production and reveal more glowing and healthier skin. The massage techniques are specially designed so that the excess of water retained by the body and toxins are released. The cosmetic procedures used in this technique also lighten or fades away the scars.

What are the Types of Endermologie?

As of today two major endermologie treatments are provided throughout the world in spas and health clinics. Lipomassage and liftmassage are the two types. In lipomassage, fat is targeted by using the motorized tools of massaging and uneven skin is given even shape and is balanced. The liftmassage technique of endermologie makes use of both knowledge of body and skin and implements lift and LPG technology to smooth the skin from cellulite affected areas. One of the patented endermologie devices includes Keymodule that comprise of one hand held device, small in size and can be used as a roller.


How long does it take for Endermologie treatments?

The endermologie treatments take around 30 minutes per sitting but it may vary depending upon the treatment area. So as to maintain the same toned and firm skin look, the clients have to undergo this treatment on regular basis.


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