What games to play at a family reunion?

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 Family reunion games are fun and bring the family members together and create a bond that will last a lifetime. There are many types of games available and even for kids. You can give certificates, awards to the winners and inexpensive treats to the runners so that everybody will get a gift.Family reunion games promote family values.


What are the fun games at family reunions?

  • Team groupings: This game is the best for family reunion. They are given a color code to wear and are mixed and placed in different teams.

  • Team cheer: The teams meet each other during the allotted time and have to compose a cheer group for the group and have to perform the cheer with matching actions.

  • Talent show: This is the game where everybody is given a chance to show their talents such as singing, dancing, painting, playing any musical instrument, acting etc.

  • Exercise sessions: The family can do morning exercise, yoga, aerobics, walking, stretches and swimming.

  • Theme night: A specified theme is given and according to it they need to dress up such as fairy tale, Hawaiian, Indians and pirates.

  • Outdoor activities: You can come up with outdoor games from sports to water games to mountain climbing, rafting and snorkeling. You have to plan up the venue depending on your family reunion.


Mention some creative games?

  • Designers on the loose: In this game you need to divide the participants into teams and a person from each team has to act as a mannequin and others have to design an outfit using the given materials like newspaper, manila paper, old magazines and make them ramp walk. Assign judges and let them give scorings the highest scoring team will be the winners.

  • Lights, camera and action: Divide each group consisting of 6 or more members and when a director call out a scene and when he says “Action” someone from the team has to enact the scene. The judges should give the points based on clarity, beauty and ingenuity.

  • Team gift wrapping: The teams have to wrap the gifts nicely wrapped and tie a bow or ribbon. The team which ties first will win the game.

  • Guess the occupation game: Form groups and the game has only action no words. The game master will prepare the flashcards with different occupations written on it and will show it to one of the team mate. Then the person should run to his teammate and pat his shoulder and he will show the action of the word to him. This will go on till the last person of the team, who will run to the game master to tell the occupation. The group with more points will win.

  • Math fun: The game master will prepare math equations and shows it to the groups to answer. The flashcards are numbered from 0 to 9 and ten participants will hold one card each. For example the game master will shows any equation then that particular number whose number matches with the answer has to run in front to show the answer. The group with more answers will win.


What are the honoring and remembering games for family reunion?

  • Family tree: To describe the family tree

  • Sharing: Sharing their past experiences.

  • Prayer: Praying god for thanking him what he has given us.

  • Introduction of each family: Introduction of each family member.

  • Picture or taking video: Capturing the memorable moments spent together in pictures or videos.


What are the other games for family reunion?

Other family reunion games include Get acquainted card, Family hunt, animal farm, arrange the family, guess the voice, sack race, tug of war, hide and seek, board games, musical chair, egg toss, kick the can, jigsaw, family trivia etc.


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