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What is Glassine paper?

What is Glassine paper?

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You know very well the values of your photos that preserve some of your best memories. They usually are taken during the happy moments of your lives and you can relive the good times just by flipping through them. Unfortunately, you can also destroy them by not looking after them properly. Do you know that most photo albums are actually harmful to your pictures? Because they may keep them organized and handy, but as the years fade away, the photos will stick to each other that cause you to lose your pictures. But don’t worry, have you ever heard of Glassine paper? Glassine Paper is a transparent, resilient glazed paper that is resistant to passage of air and grease. So it will not let your photos to stick together, actually Glassine works not only on photos, but also on vegetables, fruits, dosages, flower etc.


Where  is Glassine Paper used?

It looks like a hybrid between a wax paper and a tissue paper. When buying glassine, make sure to see that it is pH neutral, otherwise there is a possibility of the old photos getting damaged due to acid migration. It is not recommended to use Galssine in photographs. It is typically used to protect pastel paintings, stamps. A chreper alternative to using glassine paper between pastel paintings is to use glossy magazine pages as they don't lift the painting. As they are static free they don't attract any paint.



How is Glassine made?

Glassine paper usually made through the process called calendering. Glassine is made by breaking down paper pulp fibers. This beaten pulp is then squeezed into molds and set to dry into sheets. These sheets are then rolled through hot rollers. This is calendering. Calendering makes the pulp fibers in the sheet lie flat and in the same direction. This process makes the fibers very smooth and all facing the same direction. This process is then repeated seveal time, often called super-calandering. This is because it goes tough the calendering process multiple times. The final product is a extreamly smooth paper which can be used as barrier protection from many kinds of gease, air, and liquids.


What are the types of glassine and its uses?

  •  Food Wrapper glassine: The white glassine paper Can be used as the wrapper of sweet and candied fruits, the liner of all kinds of refection, cake, chocolate, bread, etc because it is resistant to grease and facilitates separation of individual food stuffs. In fact in the mid-20th century potato chips were sometimes packaged in glassine bags.
  • Medicine Wrapper glassine: The glassine paper is used as dosage bags in hospital.

  • Tag bag: used to be various size envelop. Some kind of glassine in this type is frequently employed as an interleaving paper in bookbinding. Especially for illustrations the paper can be manufactured with a neutral pH and can be prevent damage from spilling exposure or rubbing.

  • Flower wrapper: the color glassine papers are popular used in developed countries, which pay attention to environment protection.

  • Album film: put the glassine paper between photos the advantage is protection the face of photos.

  • Firecracker wrapper: The red glassine paper is the main material of firecrackers inner wrapper.

  • In chemistry glassine is used as an inexpensive weighing paper.

  • It is also used in food service as a barrier between strips of products.


How is Glassine used in painting?

Glassine  is not actually used for painting but its used in separating the paintings to protect them. It is used in various ways, such as to separate unsprayed pastels, mono-prints, any works that are on paper which have to be filed one on top of another.


What is a Glassine Envelope?

Glassine paper is thin, transparent and has no chemicals or additives and so is used in storing stamps. Glassine envelopes are typically used by Stamp collectors. They use these to protect the stamps before they finally put them in an album. Glassine envelopes can be used while mailing the stamps or when carrying them around so that they are well protected.

Last but not the least glassine papers are recyclable, biodegradable and Preservation of aroma and perfection against attack of external environment to the packed contents are also important qualities of the glassine papers.  

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