What is a Goatee and a Van Dyke?

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A beard is a collection of hair on the chin, cheeks, neck and upper lip. The study of beards is a called “pogonology”. It is believed that men with facial hair are considered to have various attributes like wisdom and knowledge, sexual virility, masculinity or high social status and conversely filthiness, crudeness or eccentric disposition.


What are the different beard forms?

A La Souvarov, The Anchor, Balbo, Chin Curtain, Chin Strap, Chin Puff, Cop stash standard, Dali, Ducktail, El Insecto, English Moustache, Federation Standard, Franz Josef, French Fork, Friendly Mutton Chips, Fu Manchu, Garibaldi, Goatee, Handlebar, Handlebar and Chin Puff, Handle bar and Goatee, Hollywoodian, Hulihee, Hungarian, Imperial, The Klingon, Mutton Chops, Napoleon III Imperial, Norse Skipper, Old Dutch, The Pencil, Petite Goatee, Rap Industry Standard, Short Boxed Standard, Soul Patch, Sparrow, Super Mario, Toothbrush, Van Dyke, Verdi, The Winnfield, The Zappa.


What is the difference between a Goatee and a Van Dyke?

A goatee is a beard grown only on the chin. The hair grown on the chin can be short or long. There will be no sideburns or moustache or connecting hairs leading to upper lip. The term originated from the hair grown on the chin of a goat. In modern day goatee was popularized in 1940 by Dizzy Gillespie. In French during 19th century bohemian poets, painters and intellectuals are fond of goatee. But between 1970 and 1990 the goatee fell out of fashion, but again Will Smith, Anthony Edwards, Spike Lee started sporting the goatee. It is now one of the popular style of men’s facial hair.

Van Dyke got its name when in 17th century painter Sir Anthony Van Dyck had a goatee but with a moustache. Earlier Van Dyke was worn with curled moustaches. But now-a-days people maintain a thick moustache but not curled and no hair is grown on the cheeks, so that it won’t become a full beard. A goatee variation is called now as Van Dyke. A Van Dyke is nothing but a goatee accompanied by a moustache.


What are the popular goatee styles?

  • Simple Goatee: The hair begins at the end of the mouth and extends straight down to the jaw bone covering the entire chin. This goatee is paired with chin strap or strip of long hair in the center of the chin. This style is popular with sports players like Mike Jacobs and Jeff Bagwell.

  • Goatee with Moustache: This combination of goatee with moustache has become very famous in 2010 and many Hollywood actors like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and Edward Norton sport this style. It is the combination of goatee and moustache attaching at the corner of the lip and the hair extending down the jaw You do not have access to view this node.

  • Five o’ clock goatee: The hair is trimmed very shortly or shaved intermittently. Many younger stars sport this look. Famous stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and James McAvoy sport this look.

  • Chin strip and Soul Patch: A chin strip is a very narrow goatee which is grown straight from the bottom of the lip to the chin. And soul patch is a chin strip which is not grown all the way down to the chin.

  • Chin strip and Moustache: These styles are very popular during the Wild West days.


What are the partial goatee styles?

  • Rap Industry Standard: It is just a pencil line of hair under the nose and down both sides of the chin and this thin line extends down to the bottom of the chin. It is worn by musicians in the rap industry.

  • The Zappa: It got its name from the late rock singer Frank Zappa. It includes full moustache that extends to the sides of the mouth. The hair at the center of the chin is just a dab of hair. No hair on the cheeks, trimmed moustache and it is similar to a soul patch.

  • Petite Goatee: Similar like chin puff and chin strip it too doesn’t have a moustache. A partial goatee starts below the lips and extends below the chin and making it a point that there is no hair on the sides of the chin and cheeks. This style needs regular shaving and it is smaller than the regular goatee.

  • Chin Puff: It is similar to chin strip except that extends past the chin. Trimming of beard and shaving of surrounding hair is required.

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