What is Hair Gloss treatment?

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Hair gloss treatment is a crystal clear hair dye that gives a good-looking polish to the original hair. This treatment works specifically for the hair just as lip gloss works for the lips. Hair gloss improves the beauty and health of the original hair. It improves the texture of damaged hair. Hair glossing is in vogue mainly among teens to make their hair look shiny and polished. There are certain homemade deep conditioners available to make hair shiny, but hair glossing gives faster and more convenient results by increasing the natural shine of the hair.



How does Hair Gloss Treatment work?

Hair gloss penetrates hair rather than just coating the hair shaft. Hair gloss when applied to colored or highlighted hair adjusts the color tone. Hair glossing can be done even after shampooing or conditioning. Semi-permanent or Demi-permanent dye is applied by coating the individual hair strands. Hair gloss can be applied to all kinds of hair—normal, oily and dry hair. Usually, it should be applied and retained for three to five minutes before washing off. The hair gloss can be retained for a maximum period of 20 minutes before final rinse. In some cases the hair gloss is warmed with the help of hair dryer before it is washed off. The effects of a hair gloss treatment last for approximately two to four weeks.  It is the panacea for hair that has been damaged due to sun, pollution or chlorine water.



What are the prices of Hair Gloss Treatment?

One can achieve better results with hair gloss treatment at the hair salon. Generally, the price of hair gloss treatment varies between $50 and $ 150 in US salons. The price of hair gloss treatment usually depends on several factors length, texture, thickness of your natural hair etc.



What is the difference between Hair Gloss and Hair Glaze?

Hair gloss produces more long lasting results. This is because hair glaze treatment only coats the hair shaft whereas hair gloss treatment penetrates into the hair shaft. Hair glossing mainly safeguards colored hair and add much shine to the existing hair. This treatment protects the colored hair from fading early. It is also useful for people who have dull looking hair. 



What are the key items for a Hair Gloss Treatment?

The main items to look for are:

  • Moisturizing treatment

  • Conditioner

  • Moisture rich color gloss

  • Color infuser

  • Hair color bottle

  • Gloves

  • Plastic hair cap



How is Hair Gloss Treatment done?

  • Firstly it is highly important to rinse your hair with a moisturizing shampoo to get rid off the products that has been previously applied to the hair. Shampooing enhances the efficacy of the the hair gloss treatment by allowing the product to penetrate completely into the hair.

  • Dry the hair using towels rather than hair dryers or blow dryers.

  • For hair glossing both hair gloss and color infuser has to be mixed in equal quantities with the hair color. Wear gloves before mixing. Ensure the mixture is mixed properly to prevent uneven results.

  • The quantity of hair gloss and color infuser depends on the length of the natural hair.

  • Apply the mixture to each hair strand. Once all the strands are coated, cover the hair with a plastic cap.

  • Wash hair after 20-30 minutes with cool water. Do not use any shampoo. Lastly apply a conditioner on the hair, leave it for 30 minutes and wash it away to give the hair a shiny finished look.

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