What Is a Hemilaminectomy?


Ever experienced a really tight handshake where you experience a burning pain inside. This is because your nerves and muscles are compressed and cannot function properly as their working space is reduced. Similarly when a nerve in the spinal cord gets compressed, your back will throb with a pulsating pain. Along with the pain the functioning of the compressed nerve also gets disturbed which further complicates the problem. Hemilaminectomy is a treatment performed when a nerve in spinal cord becomes compressed and stops functioning. It is also carried in people suffering with Hermiated Lumbar Disc.


How is Hemilaminectomy performed?

The main aim of Hemilaminectomy is to reduce the force or pressure on the root of the compressed  nerve by decompressing the spine. So as to achieve this, a portion of hermiated disc is removed from the spine. Sometimes the spine is afflicted with a degenerative disease and hence only the portion of affected area is removed. Before the actual procedure starts, the patient is given anesthesia.   The patient's X-ray is used  while making an incision in the spine. This helps the surgeon to exactly pinpoint and locate as to which disc is to be removed. Then the portions of the compression causing discs are removed from the spine. Even the smallest fragments are removed with great precision so that the nerve is free of any force or pressure.


The precision is all the more important during this surgery, if a larger amount of the disc is removed it can be fatal for the mobility of the You do not have access to view this node. Hence the disc is never removed fully but always in portions. If during Hemilaminectomy  disc is removed completely, it can lead to a stage of spinal fusion. After a  Hemilaminectomy is performedthe person is allowed to go home the same day after recovering for a couple of hours in the hospital after the You do not have access to view this node. But if spinal fusion is made then the patient has to stay in the hospital for a couple more days. Follow up treatment continues with the patient advised to visit the doctor for ten to twelve weeks post Hemilaminectomy.


What are the complications and risks involved in Hemilaminectomy?

The doctors advise regular check up for couple of weeks after the Hemilaminectomy, because there are chances of complications and infections. Some of the complications and problems to watch for are:

  • Difficulty in urination
  • Weakness or pain in You do not have access to view this node
  • abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Pain in back
  • Pain or numbness in You do not have access to view this node
  • Swelling or infection at the surgical site


Should the patients of Hemilaminectomy perform exercise?

Although vigorous and heavy exercises are not advised immediately after Hemilaminectomy, gentle exercises like walking or gentle stretch movement should regularly be performed. The patient should not constantly sleep or rest on bed as too much of rest or being positioned on back can cause blood clots in legs or infection near the incision. In normal condition, doctors advise four to six weeks of rest after which the patient can resume working. Sometimes even after proper healing of incision, a minor injury can cause a  stabbing pain in the back. This can be treated by using anti inflammatory medication.

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