What is the history of Tailgate party?

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Tailgate party

Tailgate party is a legendary pre-sporting event. The tailgate party is a popular and fun thing to do before a big game. As we all know when there is a big national or international game, people who happen to enjoy this game event have a tailgate party. It is a popular get together  time that you can spend with your family and friends with good food and drinks. When a tailgate party is thrown the right way, you can make new friends and in fact a little money on the side. So now if you are planning on having a nice tailgate party to make, you should know and have some idea about a tailgate party.


When and how did the tailgate party begin?

Tailgate party first began in 1957 by Angela Pisani, wife of a Team Doctor. She opened her tailgate on her station wagon. She had some sandwiches and lunch items for her kids and friends. When people asked her on what she was doing? She replied randomly “it is more of a tailgate party” that’s how the party name, tailgate party began. It is mostly held in the parking lots or lawn before an event starts

How to arrange your own Tailgate party?

If you are planning to entertain  your family and friends as support to your home team then you have to make sure to plan out the things you will need to prepare food and keep everybody entertained. Take items like first aid kit, trash bags, sun block, toilet paper, grill, cooler of beer or cold drinks, camp chairs, pots and pans, disposable platesand cutlery. Take a fire extinguisher too. Usually the tailgate party  begins a few  hours before a game. You should arrive at the game site as early as possible to get a perfect parking spot.

What are the things to keep in mind at a Tailgate Party?

1. You can start your tailgate party with talk because it helps you get fresh for the game. This way you can show your support to your home team.

2. You can wear your team color dress and you can also paint your face with war paint. This is to show your eagerness for your team victory.

3. Share your food with fellow sports fans because  having a good time is what it is all about right?

4. Don’t throw anyone down on the concrete and force feed them for fun.

5. Don’t leave the party place unclean once you are done, clean up the area so the next tailgaters have more fun as you. 


After all, the whole point is to enjoy the game before the event starts with food, friends, and fun! importantly, FUN could be the only necessary part of an entire tailgate party. But make sure to check the rules before you plan for the next tailgating as it  was banned for some time due to safety issues. 

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