What is the Myth of Pandora?

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In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman created by God. Pandora was the mortal woman created by the gods. The gods created her to seek revenge on the men who got the better parts of a sacrifice while the Gods were left with the remains of bones and fat. The name Pandora in Greek means “all gifts”. Zeus, the father of gods created Pandora with powers to do evil to men after Prometheus had given fire to mankind.Pandora’s figure in the British Museum is inscribed with the name ‘Anesidora' which means “She who sends up gifts.” The detail of the story of Pandora is given by Hesiod in “Works and Days.”


What is the Myth of Pandora?

The human race was initially made up of only men with Prometheus as their champion who resisted the domination by Zeus. Prometheus helped mankind in fooling Zeus with the less useful parts of the ox. The enraged Zeus retaliated by withholding fire from mankind. But Prometheus succeeded in stealing fire from god Hephaestus and taught mankind how to use it. The furious Zeus became instrumental in the creation of Pandora with the help of the other Gods. Pandora was given a box that she was dissuaded from opening but Zeus knew that Pandora would not be able to resist the temptation to open it. As expected Pandora opened the box letting loose all the evils upon mankind.


How did the Gods Create Pandora?

According to Hesiod the Gods helped in creating Pandora by endowing her with unique gifts that made her attractive to men. Pandora was created as a punishment of the mortals for Prometheus’s act of stealing the secret of fire and giving it to mankind. Zeus made Hephaestus carve Pandora out of clay and water and infusing it with the beauty of a mortal maiden. Athena instilled Pandora with her soul and brought her to life. Athene clothed and adorned her while Aphrodite gave her grace beauty and desire. Hermes made her cunning and bold, while Apollo taught her to play the lyre and sing sweetly. Hera gave her curiosity while Zeus made Pandora idle, foolish and mischievous.


Why is Pandora Important?

Pandora carried a box that contained all the evils and diseases which were not known to mankind previously. Unable to curb her curiosity, Pandora opens the box and letting loose all the disasters on the world and symbolically responsible for the death of the Golden Age. As hardships, diseases and misery assaulted mankind, fortunately hope remained in the box signifying some hope for mankind. According to Hesiod the story of Pandora comes with the moral that there is no escape from God’s will.


What is the relationship between Pandora and Eve of the Genesis?

The story of Pandora in Greek Mythology and the Eve of the Genesis Book has numerous parallels as they include the divine creation of the mortal woman. Both stories talk about the disobedience committed by the first woman towards a divine command. The disobedience to the divine command in both the stories results in disastrous consequences for mankind. Both stories attempt to explain the origin of man’s suffering to the disobedience of mankind.


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