What is Nail Polish Thinner?

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A nail polish thinner is found in a manicure kit. It is popular among those who face a problem with nail polishes that have thickened. Nail polish thinners are designed to increase the durability of thickened nail polishes. While nail polishes are meant to boost the beauty of nails, they lose their efficacy after a while when they begin thickening. Thickened nail polish has uneven consistency. The coat looks dull and faded and comes off a few days after its application. When nail polishes become thick addition of a few drops of nail polish thinner can enhance their usability.



What are the key ingredients used in the Nail Polish Thinners?

Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate and Toluene are present in nail polish thinners. As these ingredients are harmful, these thinners should be kept away from children. Its application is for external purpose only. Nail polish thinners should be stored in a cool and dry place to retain their efficacy. 



How to use Nail Polish Thinner?

The following steps can help in thinning nail polish:

  • Add few drops of nail polish thinner and shake the nail polish bottle. It is advised to use acetone based nail polish removers for thinning the nail polish. Do not add excess quantity of nail polish remover as it may affect the product.

  • If the nail polish is too thick add acetone and few drops of orange oil mixture. Shake well and leave it for 20 minutes before applying on the nails. You can add some more drops of this solution until the nail polish reaches the right consistency.

  • Paint thinners can also help in thinning nail polishes.

  • Roll the nail polish bottle between the palms after diluting it with the nail polish thinner, as shaking the bottle can create bubbles that will appear during application. Nail polish thinners should not be used very often in the nail polishes. It is best to use the same brand of nail polish thinner as the nail polish.



What is the difference between Nail Polish Remover and Nail Polish Thinner?

Nail polish remover is used to remove the nail polish off the nails. It is recommended not to use nail polish removers for dilution of nail polishes as they contain water which is not compatible with the nail polishes. On the other hand, nail polish thinner is used to dilute nail polishes. They are meant to bring back life to nail polish that has thickened and become hard.



What are the precautions for Nail Polish Thinners?

A nail polish thinner has several associated risks. It is a hazardous and dangerous substance according to NOHSC (National Occupational Health and Safety Commission). If it is swallowed, nail polish thinner can lead to lung diseases. It can cause dryness and cracking if skin is over-exposed to this substance. Its vapors can cause dizziness, headache and drowsiness. Never use the nail polish thinner near heat, sparks, and flame. Avoid smoking while using the nail polish thinner. Never allow the nail polish thinner to leak on synthetic or wood surfaces. It may cause serious damage. The best place to buy nontoxic, natural nail polish thinner is the Internet. Moreover, well-stocked beauty supply stores may carry different brands of nail polish thinner

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