What is Pachinko?

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Pachinko, earlier called as “corinth game”, originated in Japan in 1920s but has players and fans all over the world. This is essentially a vertical pin ball game machine which has flashy lights on it to attract the players. Whenever the player wins, the showy lights start blinking with amazing music effects to give the player an amusing ovation. In Japan, you can find Pachinko parlors, which are decorated with vibrant colors and showy lighting effects, in every market street featuring different styles of Pachinko to grab the attention of the youth.


Earlier Pachinko was a gambling fun, and it involved the exchange of money. But gambling is treated as an illegal activity in Japan, so later on to avoid this risk of getting involved in an illegal business, Pachinko parlors started offering a variety of goods such as pens, perfumes, electronic devices, cigarette lighters, bicycles, scooters, etc., in exchange for winning in the pin ball games. Even during these days, in some casinos of Japan, Pachinko still remains a game of gambling and winner gets money  from playing under the cloak of illegality.


What is the history behind Pachinko ?

Pachinko, the word evolved from the word “pachin” which means snap, click or crack. In early 1920s , it was popular as a children’s game which was intended for play at home. But after a decade, it captured the adults' interest and transformed into big, flashy and fascinating “Pachinko Parlors”. Gradually, the income earned through this started contributing to the GDP of the country. Earlier, it was seen as the most entertaining pastime of that time and still people from all over the world, specifically Japan and USA, are crazy about this game. Pachinko parlors have become popular rapidly among youngsters between 1930 and until now.


Despite all the goodness of Pachinko, the game machines also have a number of inherent negatives:

  • It a high electricity consuming device, because functioning of these slot machines takes up a lot of energy
  • Pachinko parlors end up serving alcohol and most of them allow smoking inside the parlor
  • Another drawback of Pachinko is the fact that it can lead to addiction, with adverse effects on the lifestyle of youngsters


Why is Pachinko gaining so much popularity among youngsters?

In Japanese movies you can see the reflection of this famous game, a documentary made in 1985 was based on Pachinko parlor. In Japan, even now you can find literature featuring how to make living through playing Pachinko. Pachinko is also serves as a source of livelihood for many, as it employs a third of million people. It can be found in many casinos not only in Japan but now also in USA. Pachinko has become




integral part of Japan and is treated as national game. People who ever visit Japan would definitely enjoy indulging in this everlasting experience of fun. The environment of Pachinko Parlors is highly customer oriented and the approach of handling customers is polite enough so that one can easily get carried away by the ambience.


What are the basic rules and strategies to play and win Pachinko?

The key to winning in Pachinko is unique and tricky but no magic is needed. The focus and activeness of the player is needed to increase with every shot of the pin ball. Success in the game is based on the flow against gravity; the pin ball has to be shot in a way, so that it can acquire a desired combination of hits, which lead to bonus points. Here are some of the major rules and strategies to take over the winning crown

  • The player first needs to acquire some small steel pin balls from the Parlor counter or in some machines there is an option to put money and get your pin balls on the loading slot automatically
  • You can change the velocity of your shot as there is an option available on the slot machine
  • When hitting a ball hard there will be two chances either your ball will be eaten by “pac-man”, that resembles holes in the machine, or if you are lucky then your pin ball would appear in to a winning pocket and if this is the case, then you will get more pin balls to play the game further
  • While playing Pachinko, one has to act patiently because switching machine after an hour of play won't help you in wining the game
  • The person has to shoot steel balls into the machine slot and when three pictures of the same type appear on the flashing screen, that would clearly mean you hit the jackpot


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