What is the Personality of an Introvert?


Introverts are an important type of human personality among extroverts and ambiverts . In fact more than half of the human population is termed as ambiverts, having a balance of the traits of extroverts and introverts. Introverts and extroverts are the extremes on the personality scale, each having a representation of about 16%. Introverts belong to the personality types who are less outgoing and more reserved. Introverts are wrongly mistaken to be shy, the truth is that they prefer to spend time alone and feel more energized this way. Introversion is their preferred way of life rather than a social discomfort.

What are the features of Introverts?

An introvert is a person who loves being alone and feels less energized in large groups. Introverts may not be necessarily loners but they are less sociable and have fewer friends. Introverts love to interact with a close knit group rather than large groups which they find less rewarding. Introverts generally engage themselves in solitary activities that include music, reading, writing, drawing, using computers, playing video games, watching movies. An interesting fact that has been observed about social networking sites is that they are simply loved by introverts. In the absence of outward social demands, introverts seem to thrive on such sites where they can freely blog about their feelings and experiences.

How are Introverts different from Extroverts?

The basic difference between the two personality types is that Introverts are influenced by the subjective world while Extroverts are influenced by the objective world. Extroverts belong to the personality type which is characterized by gregariousness and friendly interaction with people. They are more interested in the happenings of the outside world and love to express their opinions and exchange notes with others on various aspects of life. Introverts, on the other hand are less sociable and a lot more reserved. They have fewer friends and are content in their own company. An introvert prefers to restrict his social activities as he feels more energized by solitary activities.

What is the distinctive behavior pattern of Introverts?

Extroverts and introverts have distinct behavioral differences. A marked difference can be seen in the preference of clothing. Introverts take a liking for comfortable and practical clothes while extroverts love flashy and loud clothing. Similarly in the choice of music, introverts may prefer soft and traditional music than the more energetic and upbeat variety preferred by extroverts. According to the Psychologist Carl Jung, introverts are more sensitive to their psychological needs whereas extroverts fail to acknowledge their psychological problems as they give more priority to the outer world.

What are the Advantages of being an Introvert?

Introverts are slow and analyze well before speaking. They prefer to focus their energies on one activity at a time and learn a lot by careful observation before participating in any activity. An introvert values trust in a relationship and forges relationships based on this virtue. Introverts excel in professions related to art, music, writing, engineering, and computer programming among others. Introversion is associated with traits such as trust, intelligence and talent. Introverts are largely successful in academic and intellectually stimulating environments. 

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