What is a Thickness planer used for?

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If you are good with making wood crafts then you must have an idea of working with wood tools to make crafts? There are  some basic tools that are used in woodworking, no matter what the project is. It's important to know what the tool is, when you need it, and what it is used for. Remember woodworking is more than a hobby, it's also a skill. The more you know about your tools the smaller the risks. So now you might be interested in adding some important tools that are nice to have. One of these luxury tools is called a thickness planer.


What is a Thickness planer?

A thickness planer is a valuable tool that is well worth adding. Without one you are limited to the thickness of the stock you get from your wood supplier. While you can reduce thickness on a table saw and clean the edges with the jointer, the process is lot simpler and safer with a thickness planer.


How is a thickness planer used in woodworking?

The thickness planer has a rotating cylindrical cutting head that contains from 2-3 dual sided removable blades. The blades rotate at a high RPM and shave off layers to flatten the sides and cut the lumber down to the desired thickness. Most bench top portable thickness planers plug into a standard wall outlet. The motor not only drives the blades but also the feed rollers, usually at 16-26 feet per minute. The in-feed roller usually has ribs to pull the lumber into the planer and the out-feed is often smooth in order to no leave imprints on the finished board. The blade head moves up and down to adjust to your desired thickness. But you should always consult your operating manual provided to you by the manufacturer because the machine varies from one another.


What are the uses of thickness planer in woodworking?

The uses of a thickness planer, is exactly what it is called.

  •  By using this tool you can create smooth shaped boards with constant thickness. A thickness planer can be an important tool because it allows you to take an irregular piece of wood and level it to a thickness needed for a project.
  •  You can also use this tool for projects that need sides or parts to adjoin together.

  •  This can be very useful towards levelling off sides to any square shape item to make the grooves fit perfectly. With a thickness planer you can easily plane the wood to create accurate sized boards for your project.

  •  Having this tool also allows you to freely keep random pieces of wood like old lumber, pallets, and floorboards that helps you to save your time and effort of searching through the lumberyard for the exact size.

  •  Another reason to have a thickness planer is that you can buy any kind of wood from a lumberyard at a cheaper price. So later on, you can use thickness planer to shape it to size. 

    At the end, you may just find having a thickness planer was a much needed tool for your wood work.

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