What is a Voodoo Doll?

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Voodoo which implies “spirit of God” is a mystical practice that involves invoking the spirits to bring some significant change in the person who initiates it. It has its origns in Africa but has followers all over the world most popularly in New Orleans. In this context, the voodoo doll represents the spirit of a particular person in whom you want to see a change. Thus you address the doll as if speaking to the concerned individual and seek to influence that person to behave in the manner you wish.


What is the Voodoo Doll used for?

The voodoo doll is considered intrinsic to the practice of the voodoo rituals. The voodoo doll is used to invoke the spirits to act in a desired way towards the person one targets. The voodoo doll is associated with getting some evil work done but can be invoked for love, wealth, luck, success and so on. Voodoo dolls are generally used by the practitioners for negative things like seeking revenge, hurting people and so on. It would do good if one is aware of the consequences of letting loose negative trends. Don’t forget that a person reaps as he sows. A voodoo doll can be invoked by any one of the nine pins which come with a distinct symbol.


How is the Voodoo Doll used?

The Voodoo doll is used to represent the person one intends to target by appealing to the voodoo spirits. This can be done by labeling the name or picture of the targeted person on the doll. For this purpose, some voodoo dolls are available with blank faces to enable the user to draw the picture of the targeted person in the blank space. Another way of making the doll appear as the targeted person is by pinning an intimate object concerning that person. It could be a piece of clothing, a lock of hair or anything that has been an inseparable part of the person.


How to appease the Voodoo Doll?

It is necessary to be familiar with the ways of appealing the voodoo spirits in order make the voodoo doll work. Generally rose petals and perfumes are use to invoke love while garlic or clove is used for wealth and success. Similarly placing the voodoo doll in significant locations is said to increase its healing powers. Voodoo dolls are generally sold with instruction kits. But if still faced with the dilemma of the right way of using a voodoo doll it would be best to consult an active practitioner for the desired results.


What is the significance of Voodoo Dolls in Modern Times?

Voodoo dolls are often sold as gift items in novelty stores. Voodoo dolls in various forms such as boyfriend dolls, boss dolls, etc are bought as joke items rather than an object of magical practices. Interesting virtual voodoo dolls on the computer have begun to be increasingly popular to serve as a means to take revenge all for the purpose of fun and play. However, Traditional Voodoo dolls are still available and claim to serve the purpose of invoking the appropriate rituals to reap good health, riches or success in various endeavors. Such a doll may cost up to thirty US dollars.  

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