What to wear to a Toga Party?

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Toga party is a costume party in which party goers wear toga normally made from bed sheet and sandals. They are a popular traditions in colleges and universities in the US and Canada. The first toga party in college was in 1953, when Pomona college students wore togas and wreaths. Togas were worn in Ancient Rome by males over a tunic or a loin cloth. The toga party theme became popular by the 1978 film “Animal house” and since has become a theme for lot of  the graduation ceremonies and fancy dress parties.


How to tie  a Toga?

Buy 4 or 5 yards of good quality of material, it takes three feet to go around your waist and wrap it atleast 1.5 times around your waist and throw the remainder of the material over the shoulder. Bring the fabric back to the waist and tie it up or wrap it.
Men : Tie the toga around the waist at least once, pin it at that point, throw the rest of it on the shoulder, around the back pin it at the waist, wear shorts underneath and wear sandals and thongs.

Women : Add to the basic wrap design, small horizontal bands, accentuating waist and bust line. You can add gold chains, amulets and jewellery. Make a laurel using a wire coat hanger, shape it into a circle, and then attach plastic or real leaves around it. You can also make the laurel head wreath using twisted green crepe paper.


What should be the  menu for a toga party?

Rich lavish food such as bunches of grapes and veggies on platters or oysters on ice. Offer wine or drinks in large jugs as Ambrosia for the guests. Surround the bowls with vine leaves. Make a salad bar with Greek lettuce, tomatoes, olives, dates, hot sausages, egg dishes, liver pate, almonds, almond cakes and feta cheese.


How to prepare toga party invitations?

Make the invitation cards designed to look like scrolls, write the invitation on long sheets of paper and glue each end to a small wooden rod. You can use gold paint to make it look more elegant.


What are some of the toga party costumes?

Basic white toga: If you are simple and has a classic taste, take a plain white cloth and make a toga. Linen is a good choice for making toga. Wear simple sandals to go with it.

Elegant toga: You can choose colored or embroidered cloth for your toga, wear a nice neckline and a belt. But remember not to wear a toga with too many designs and accessories.

Creative toga: You can choose a cloth with different colors and choose cloth with some designs on it or mix both the colors and design. Accessorize with a belt, a tiara, bracelets, armbands, ribbons, sashes and a neckline.


What are other ways to wear a  Toga?

Some combinations for non-traditional toga wear are.

Sporty: Wear toga with running shoes and a baseball cap.

Cowboy: Wear cowboy boots and hat and can chew on clean straw.

Warrior: You can wear armour, helmet and a sword.

Angel: You can wear a halo headband, and wings for that angel look.

Last minute toga: If you don’t have time to buy a toga cloth, wrap a cotton bed sheet and pin it up. Use sandals and belt to go along with toga.


Describe some toga party costume combinations?

  • White toga with gold plaited belt
  • A pink toga with neckline in different colors for girls
  • A plain white toga, with big green colored bracelets, on both hands
  • White tunic and a blue toga, for the boys


How to wear  a perfect toga costume?

  • Don’t forget to wear an undergarment under the toga.
  • Wear a tunic inside the toga or a normal plain T-shirt will do.
  • Ladies be careful and pin it up at the right places and carry extra pins with you.
  • Keep the length of toga above ankles for free movement.
  • If you are comfortable with the accessories then only wear it otherwise you can avoid them.
  • After wearing toga check it by walking to see whether it stands on your body.
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