Which category does New Wave Music belong to?

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New wave Music is a sub genre of rock music, which started evolving in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s following the direction of punk-rock. The definition of New wave music was never completely understood by most of the people in common. It has a great history and long lasting legacy that makes new wave music something that no one is going to stop trying any time soon.


What is the History of New Wave Music?

During late 1960’s, artist like Beach Boys and Beatles started using synthesizers without changing their sound output prominently. By Mid 1970’s a German band called Kraftwerk initiated the Synthpop movement with their debut album “Autobahn”. Synthesizers became omnipresent in the 80’s with albums being made to reach the masses. Duran Duran and Platinum Blonde were the original icons for New Wave Music. Their songs were usually slow, more Jazz with soul influenced tracks to imbibe the look of NEW WAVE, which gathered the largest teenage fan base ever for any new wave band. However the large number of music fans and clubs will concede that the legendary Sire Records head Seymour Stein was the one who coined the name New Wave to this type of music.


How did New Wave Music Evolve?

New wave music evolved during mid 1970’s, which grew out of both post punk and synthpop environment. It grew much faster and deeper. The music which follows the punk was divided into two categories like post- punk and new wave. New wave Music is basically pure pop –music but simple in nature. There are so many Bands and artists like Blue Peter, Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry, Danny Wilson, John Foxx, and Joe Jackson that were effectively involved in New Wave movement during late 1970’s and in early 1980’s. Unlike United States, in the United Kingdom New wave is defined as a genre limited to a hybrid of punk rock and other styles for the same period.


How can one categorize New Wave Music?

Most of the New wave sounds are based on dance beat and synthesizers. Power Pop, Jazz punk and Goth sounds are the one that gave maximum structure to the New Wave Music. This music has kept the dance trend alive and agile. Somewhere down the line, new wave got mixed up with another music movement called “post punk”. This was complicated further by American Music media that labeled every band that came out of Britain in the early 80’s as a New Wave Band. During Mid 1980’s, the term new wave took in just about every musician who was considered as rockers. Most of the great artists reacted to this popularity by returning to fundamental roots of rock. But some new wave bands have tried and fought for their inclusion in this category. They continued to produce music by including synthesizers to some extent which got reclassified as a rock band during 1990’s.



Is New Wave Music popular today?

One thing that is clear is that new wave music  invaded the music field during 1970 and peaked at 1983. At the same time MTV rage was just getting started, old styled rock returned to the field and Rap started to build inthe mid 1980’s. Though this genre moved away from the main stream, the musical style of new wave music continues to influence even today. New wave music has not really died. It kept rearing its head from time to time in the 90’s, 2000’s and will resurface again the future.


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