Why does being Overweight cause Diabetes?

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Diabetes has now become very common. Although it is not a disease, it is a health condition which can lead to other diseases if proper care and precautions are not taken care. Wrong life style, dietary habits, and inactiveness and also genetic influences are the general reasons for the occurrence of diabetes. Not only adults but children even below the age of five years have been found to suffer from juvenile diabetes causing grave concern. Along with other factors, one of the major cause of Type I and Type II diabetes is obesity. Though doctors do not directly connect obesity with diabetes, being obese certainly increases your chances of having diabetes. Let’s understand how!


What is the Connection between Diabetes and Obesity?

Recent findings by health experts have deduced that in America increase in obesity has lead to enormous rise in diabetes so much so that the enhanced diabetes proportion can be compared with the onslaught of an epidemic. An independent researches performed by Centers of Disease Control revealed that the most common characteristic of Type II diabetes is obesity or overweight problem. The data of this research was calculated after surveying around 31000 Americans for 6 years and it showed that only 2 people out of 1000 people with normal weight had been afflicted by diabetes as compared to 18 people out of 1000 overweight or obese people. The studies also revealed that the occurrence of diabetes in obese people has rapidly increased to 41 percent in these 6 years of research. This certainly indicates that obese people are more at risk of getting diabetes than people with normal weight.


How can Obesity cause Diabetes?

Diabetic experts of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia are of the opinion that a person with more fat tissues has less sensitivity towards insulin. Due to this the body of an obese person requires more insulin to enable regulation of blood glucose levels. Also fat cells have a tendency to release protein that can cause Type II diabetes, which is the most common type of diabetic condition. This released protein has the ability to make the body insensitive towards insulin. So as to neutralize this effect and balance the glucose levels in the blood stream, pancreas then starts to produce more amount of insulin. Due to overwork the pancreas gets stress out and slows down eventually leading to drop in insulin release which further leads to diabetes.


Has it been proven clinically that obesity causes Diabetes?

Even after so many researches indicating that obesity can play a major role in the occurrence of diabetes, it still has not been given nod from the clinical fraternity because the different types of diabetes have various causes of their occurrence and obesity alone cannot be the major reason for diabetes in an individual. Though scientifically, it has been revealed that obese persons are more prone to diabetes than normal weight people, it still is not considered a solid fact on the basis of which obesity can be considered the direct cause of diabetes.


How can Obese people avoid Diabetes?

The most important change an obese person should make is to introduce more roughage and fibers in the diet and cut down on calories and fatty substances. Intake of packaged food as well as different types of processed food is a total no-no because these foods are stuffed with sodium, bad fats, preservatives and many other multiple ingredients that are not good for your health. The ingredients in these types of food snub down the detoxification process of the body due to which obesity can even lead to hypertension. Instead of binging on sodas and drinking calories from juices and soft drinks, try to eat the fruit or drink freshly prepared juice squeezed at home. Be educated about the bad and good effects of different types of food and select wisely what you take back home. Eating fresh, homemade food and drinks will benefit immensely. Apart from that regular exercise like walking or jogging for 45 minutes should be added to your regular routine. If you are too obese then to start off you should take help of some trainer or enroll in gym and once you come to normal weight  maintain it by brisk walking.


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