Why is Etiquette important?


Etiquette refers to a code of rules governing behavior in society and includes a sound knowledge of ethics apart from manners. Etiquette can be acquired through a conscious learning of what constitutes decent behavior. But in the course of time etiquette should become a part of unconscious behavior and should appear as his personality. Each society may be characterized by its distinct etiquette while it is also possible for different cultures in a society to have its own set of convention and social norms. Etiquette may be of different kinds such as social etiquette, business etiquette, office etiquette, computer etiquette and so on.


What are the features of Etiquette?

Ethics is an important part of etiquette as it comprises an understanding of how people’s actions affect others and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. It also includes having knowledge of what constitutes as right or wrong actions in a group. Manners or etiquette can be learned easily by those who don’t know them. When etiquette becomes innate it is manifested as one’s personality and attitude towards various aspects o f life. A person who follows the rules of social etiquette such as polite greeting, considering others views and so on, is easily acceptable in various social circles. Business etiquette includes a set of rules of behavior that make business interactions in society acceptable by all.


What is Invitation Etiquette?

Good manners and polite behavior are in many ways appreciated by all as they are formulated on the basic principle of regard and respect for a fellow being. This includes taking care of certain rules of etiquette while sending out invitation. First and foremost, it is important to specify the kind of event one is being invited to. The name of the invitee has to clearly indicated. Care should be taken to include significant details such as the date, time and place of the event. The directions to reach the venue may be included if necessary. An RSVP would help in making appropriate arrangements. Specify, if gifts are not accepted by printing it out in bold letters “Please, No Gifts”

What is Internet Etiquette?

In modern times the use of computers has become an indispensable part of society in all walks of life. This has necessitated a set of conventions for the use of computer networks in society. For example while making use of instant messaging or chat rooms it follows that one is aware of the rules of etiquette like introducing oneself, allowing others to voice their opinions, understanding the requirements of the site, being familiar with the use of emoticons and so on. Similar rules of etiquette exist for ethical issues such as hacking, plagiarism, copyright, graffiti, and on-line auctions and so on.


Why is Etiquette Important?

Etiquette implies behaving politely while interacting with others in society. Etiquette helps to forge relationships with people. It shows respect for others and in turn earns love and respect from them. A lapse in etiquette may offend the other person and may result in a breach of friendship or may even cost a person his job. It is important to get acquainted with the etiquette of the place or culture one is likely to visit as each country and culture has its own set of rules to judge personal behavior in society. In a way, a man’s etiquette can make or break his fortune. A family which practices good etiquette invariably has children who imbibe the same as part of their upbringing.

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