Why is heart the Strongest Muscle in the Body?

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Contractile tissues that are formed from mesodermal layer located in embryonic germ cells of the animal body are termed as You do not have access to view this node. Human body comprise of three main type of You do not have access to view this node: cardiac, smooth and skeletal You do not have access to view this node. All these muscles contribute towards the working of our body system in varying ways and has their own importance. The consistency and durability these muscles show despite of constant working under stress is unparalleled by even the best of man made machines. Out of all these muscles heart muscles are considered the strongest. Let us see the reason why!


What are the determinants of strongest muscle?

The muscular system of our body is very complex and performs vast functions under variable and stressful conditions. There are many factors that are considered before naming one muscle as the strongest muscle of all. The most probable qualities looked for in the contender are:

  • Longevity
  • Strength
  • Load
  • Lift
  • Durability
  • Pain sustenance or response
  • Quality of healing
  • Functions
  • Growth
  • Size
  • Recovery suitability
  • Regeneration of diseased or destroyed You do not have access to view this node

Our human body constitutes around 630 muscles of which several set of muscles like heart, tongue, jaw, and uterus and so on are indeed highly active and functional compared to others. But even then heart is the considered the strongest.


Why Is heart the Strongest Muscle in the Body?

The major criteria for being the strongest muscle are that it should work non stop without  tiring. The muscle can be an individual worker or can work as a group. The strongest muscle should respond to all the stressful demands and still continue its working flawlessly. This muscle outclasses even the best of mechanical devices and machines invented by man. It is the most perfect muscle in the body which is active from the moment it is conceived in the womb. And hence it is the strongest muscle in the body- the heart. It starts beating around 21 days from conception and functions as a single cell initially to further develop into 4 separate chambers. It pumps around 200 gallons of blood by working 115, 000 times through contraction and relaxation. The pumped blood is reached out to various arteries and veins in the body and travels around 12,000 miles everyday. During the course, the blood flow overcomes the gravity to supply different nutrients to each and every muscle, nerve, organ and tissue of the body. This is possible because the contraction of heart produces enough pressure to enable the blood stream flow and it also manages the process of respiration process, due to which oxygen is reached to every cell and the toxic waste is eliminated from the blood stream.


What are the special abilities of heart?

Apart from the above properties,  the unique ability of heart to work flawlessly and untiringly even under great stress makes it the strongest muscle of all. Even during the heart attack it retains the ability to overcome the jolt and keep on functioning. On an average throughout lifetime it pumps around 1 million gallons of blood which indeed is an enormous task. When the heart beat stops, life stops. So on the working of heart muscle is dependent the life and death of body.


What are some other strongest muscles in our body?

Apart from heart, there are several other muscles in our body that are too indeed very strong. Let us consider them according to different criteria:

Strongest human body muscle in context to strength: Next to heart You do not have access to view this node the jaw muscle is considered very strong as it has the ability to apply pressure on any external object. It is also called masseter.

Strongest muscle in relation to weight: If the weight is considered as determinant then the myometrial layer belonging to uterus is considered the strongest You do not have access to view this node.

Strongest Muscle in relation to size as well as weight: The eye muscles that are located externally are very large and strong and are known to be 100 times stronger that necessary.

Strongest Muscle Relative to its Force: The muscle that exerts strongest force is the calf muscle and hence is one of the strongest muscles in the body exclusively when force is the determinant.

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