Automatic Doors

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Lew Hewitt
Dee Horton
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Who invented Automatic Doors?

  •  The first automatic sliding doors were invented in 1954 by Lew Hewitt and Dee Horton

When was the Automatic Doors invented?

  •  1954


When was the patent granted on the Automatic Doors?

  •  Jonsson was granted under the 251 patent to Besam AB, a Swedish corporation for automatic doors. They were given an exclusive world license


Who was the patent granted to on the Automatic Doors?

  •  Jonsson


What are automatic doors?

  • Automatic doors are movable doors, that close or open automatically at a walkway and are normally used for entrances and exits. There are different types of automatic doors. Some type of automatic doors are activated by hitting a button which results the doors to open. These type of doors are used in industrial, factory operations.
  • The second type of doors consists of panels that folds when a person or object enter or exits.
  • The doors automatically open when a person enter/leave because of sensors included in the doors. So the sensor senses the movement of the person and the door will be automatically opened. These sensors can be adjusted according to your requirement. In addition to the sensors electricity is required to operate the automatic doors.
  • In case of power failure manual operations are applied to open the door. 
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