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Who invented Barbeque?

  •  No one knows who invented barbeque is not known but it came from south around 1800s during cattle drives.


When was the Barbeque invented?

  •  1800s.

When the patent was granted on the Barbeque?

  •  Patent # 3,538,906 was granted to John Chester Lyman in 1834 for barbeque Support Arrangement.


Who was the patent granted to on the Barbeque?

  •  John Chester Lyman.


What is Barbeque?

  • Barbeque is a traditional method used for cooking meat in indirect heat at very low temperatures.
  • The temperatures used range between 225-250 degrees. For long period of time meat is cooked and long disclosure of meat to heat may render out the fat content in the meat.
  • During late 1800s barbeques were evolved because cowboys were fed with hard cuts of meat which needs nearly five to seven hours cooking to soak.
  • Barbeque is derived from the Spanish word "barbacoa", which means meat smoking apparatus. Barbeque was not invented in America and nobody knows who invented it.
  • Barbeque is a cooking method which involves boiling food in closed oven to cook it. Barbeque is a slow method which is mainly used to cook hard cuts of lamb, beef etc. 
  • Indirect heat cooking at low temperatures results in only little loss of natural juice present in the meat. Therefore the meat tastes juicy and they appear pink in color and smoky in flavor.
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