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800 B.C.
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Who invented Beds?

 Really hard to say as people have been sleeping on beds since man came into existence. Maybe not the current type of beds but the concept itself has existed since the B.C. So no one in particular is credited with the invention of bed. In the beginning ti was just a place to rest and people started adding cotton and linen to make the bed softer until the mattress was developed later. A mattress filled with horse cloth hair and sewn by a cloth to cover it was first done in 800 B.C.


When was the Bed invented?

 800 B.C.


When the patent was granted on the Beds?

 Sarah E. Goode was granted patent on July 14, 1885 for beds. She was the first African American women to receive the patent.


Who was the patent granted to on the Beds?

 Sarah E. Goode.


What is a Bed?

  • Bed is one of the household furniture used for resting and sleeping in your bedroom. A bed is made of wood and mattress filled with some soft material is placed on your bed to sleep. The quality and comfort of beds may differ according to the prices of the bed. And from earlier days beds are an important thing in household furniture.
  • Before beds were invented people used to sleep on bare  floors. First Persians experimented with goatskins packed with water and it is the first method implemented to create water beds.
  • The process of bed making has changed. Wood is used to make bed and bed frames and coconut fiber, cotton and horse hair was used to fill the mattress.
  • There are different types and sizes of beds available. The requirement that suits you best can be selected and ordered for manufacturing. Popularly known materials used in the manufacturing of bed are wool and cotton. According to the personal convenience and comfort there are several options on what type of mattresses people buy. 


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