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Sameer John Cena
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Who invented Bells?

  •  Sameer john cena was the  inventor of bells in 1826 (I am not sure this is the right information, Could you check on this. If there  is no inventor just write a little history of the chronology of how the bell evolved.)


When was the Bells invented?

  •  1826


When the patent was granted on the Bells?

  •  German Patent 15231 was granted to Ernst Leiterd for bells along with harmonica in 1881.


Who was the patent granted to on the Bells?

  •  Ernst Leiterd.


What is a Bell?

  • Bell is one type of device used to produce some sort of sound. Bell looks like a partially enclosed empty craft and a clapper is located at the center of the enclosed craft which makes a ringing sound.
  • The clapper is generally made with metal and some other types may also include clappers made with wood, glass or clay.
  • Bells first appeared in the form of hand bells used by Romans to call upon their servants. Later large size of bells was created.
  • Bells are generally available in different sizes that are from small to huge size. According to your requirement the size of the bell is selected and used.
  • Bells are widely used as a resemblance to our tradition. Bells are used in connection with clocks. When the hour completes it rings the bell.
  • These bells are normally hanged in temples and outside churches. The priests in the churches first ring the bell and later they start worshiping the god.
  • These bells are used to locate the birds while hunting. These bells are very tiny and by recognizing the sound you can hunt the birds easily.
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