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George Lopez
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Who invented Bingo?

  • Bingo was a game  invented by George Lopez in 1914


When was the Bingo invented?

  •  1914


When the patent was granted on the Bingo?

  •  Gluz Jacob and Poku Benjamin were granted the US patent for their invention of  the electronic device for playing bingo  April 5, 1983 


Who was the patent granted to on the Bingo?

  •  Gluz Jacob and Poku Benjamin


What is the game of Bingo?

  • In 1530 when Italy was unified they held the weekly  lottery every Saturday. By 1778 the game was spread to France and at this point of time it became popular.
  • Multiple numbers of cards will be available which is divided in to five vertical rows and five horizontal columns. These cards were designed for education purposes for kids to learn multiplication, spellings and history. In different places  Bingo is played in different ways. The game rules may vary from according to the respective location.
  • Bingois a game which consists of random numbers included in those boxes. 24 random numbers and one space is included for playing bingo. Each player must select one card and one person will be picking up the numbers randomly.
  • The numbers present in the card are strike off when the selected number matches your set or card number.
  • Player wins by completing a line, multiple lines or full house. The person who completes the full house is announced as the winner of the game.
  • The set of numbers present in the card must match with the randomly selected numbers. All the numbers must match with the numbers selected or else if any number mismatches it is invalid.

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