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Benjamin Banneker
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Who invented the Clock?

Benjamin Banneker was the inventor of clock


When was the Clock invented?



When was the patent  granted for the Clock ?

Eli Terry was granted a patent for equation clock in November 17, 1797. He was the first person to get a US patent for clocks


Who was the patent granted to on the Clocks?

Eli Terry - credited with starting the clock industry in US


What is a Clock?

  • The term clock is derived from the French word cloche which means bell. A clock is an electrical device which is a basic object seen everywhere for measuring time. Before the invention of clocks time was measured by means of sun.
  • Earlier based on the position and lightening of the sun people used to guess how much of the day has been passed out.
  • Water clock is used also used to measure time by quantity of water which drips from the tank. And one of the best examples for measuring time is sand timer used widely in 18th century.
  • Later Benjamin Banneker invented clocks which has three times indicating hands which indicates the hour, minute and seconds.
  • Self winding watches were invented in 1923 by Swiss John Harwood. To set the time push out the button which is present beside the dial and reset the correct time and again the button is pushed in for working.
  • There are various types of clocks like pendulum, quartz, atomic, digital and wind-up alarm clocks etc. Functioning of each clock may differ slightly but the main aim of all these clocks is to determine the time.
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