Drinking Straws

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Marvin Chester Stone
Country (invented in): 
Washington D.C
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Who invented Drinking Straws?

 Marvin Chester Stone invented the modern drinking straws in 1888 in Washington D.C.


When was the Drinking Straws invented?



When the patent was granted on the Drinking Straws?

 Marvin Chester Stone was granted patent for his invention drinking straws on December 3, 1888.


Who was the patent granted to on the Drinking Straws?

 Marvin Chester Stone.


What is the history of  drinking straws?

  • Marvin Chester Stone who was previously a producer of paper cigarette holders had a plan to make paper drinking straws. He experimented by wrapping strips of paper around the pencil and attaching them together by applying glue. And later he experimented with paraffin-coated manila paper which did not become wet while drinking.
  • In 1906 Stone invented his first machine for manufacturing drinking straws and to avoid hand winding process of straws. A straw is a round tube with 8 ½ inch long used to drink some liquids containing in a container. Drinking straw manufacturing process has many steps to undergo.
  • At first plastic resin is mixed with plasticizers, colorants, antioxidants, stabilizers, and fillers. This plastic mixture is passed through small holes at the end of the extruder and these holes outline the plastic into thin strands of 0.125 inch in diameter.
  • These strands are passed through a series of rotating knifes which cuts the strand in to small pallets. These pallets are gathered and dried and before packing they are coated with other additives. Later they are packed for shipment.
  • Drinking straws are available in various designs, colors and diameters. The type of straws you choose depend on the thickness of the product and the figure and dimension of the parcel.
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