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Welcome to Horribly Complex Minimally Useful (MUSE) Machines (MACH) Competition 

MuseMach Logo
So, you’re interested in building a horribly complex and minimally useful machine, are you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
This competition is about many things. First, it’s about creativity. You will have many constraints to work within, and you will be evaluated on how you innovate within those constraints. Second, it’s about collaboration. You will work with a team to design, and plan, and prototype your machine. Expect to not get it right the first time... and make sure you keep trying. The shortest path to a complex machine is through disciplined experimentation.
Oh, and one more thing. This competition is also about energy transfer. Your machine will go through multiple steps before completing the task. Each of those steps will involve the release of potential energy that you will put in when setting up the machine. You can put this energy in by lifting a weight to the top of a ramp, or winding up a spring, or inflating a balloon, or stretching a rubber band... so many possibilities! Your design task for each step is to figure out how to release that potential energy so it is converted to kinetic energy, and then how to transfer that kinetic energy or use it to release the potential energy in the next step.
Good luck and see you at the competition!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: Boys and girls of ages 18 yrs and younger
  • Education: 8th class to first year of undergraduate (Bachelor's degree)
  • Each team cannot have more than 5 members

Awards and Prizes

  • First prize:         Rs. 1,50,000 or 1.5 lakhs
  • Second prize:   Rs. 50,000
  • Third prize         Rs. 25,000
  • And Mall bragging rights, as every working machine entry in the competition will be converted into candy dispensing machines in the mall with the names of the team members boldly etched on it. The proceeds from those machines will go to children related charities

Key dates

  • Register your team by:                                       May 15, 2012
  • Provide a 1-min video of your progress by:  July 15, 2012
  • Bring your machine for final event:                 Aug 20, 2012

Final Competition Venue

Hyderabad, India (this is where the final teams will get to showcase their machines)


Event Coordinators

MuseMach is a non-profit focused on promoting creativity at high school and college levels in India.