Which airline has the lowest accident rates?

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Out of the major carriers in the US and Canada, South West Airlines is the only airline with no passenger fatality. In past 29 years it has no in air fatalities but had only one fatality on the ground. But American airlines has had 13 events in more than 25 million flights, United airlines had 11 events in more than 22 million flights and US airways had 9 events in about 18 million flights.


What are the ten major airlines in the world with least number of accidents?

The 10 major airlines with least number of accidents from 1989 to 2008 are:

  • Delta Airlines

  • South West Airlines

  • North West Airlines

  • Continental Airlines

  • Lufthansa

  • British Airways

  • Air Canada

  • All Nippon Airways

  • Iberia Airlines

  • JAL- Japan Airlines

Airlines in North America:

  • Delta Airlines

  • South West Airlines

  • North West Airlines

  • Continental Airlines

  • Air Canada

  • American Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air

  • US Airways

  • Hawaiian Airways

  • American eagle

Airlines in Europe:

  • Lufthansa

  • British Airways

  • Iberia Airlines

  • KLM

  • SAS Scandinavian

  • Finnair

  • Ryanair

  • Easy Jet

  • Aer Lingus

  • Tap Air Portugal


How is accident rate calculated?

Accident rate is calculated as follows:

Accident rate= ((A*(B/C))-D)

Where A= number of million flights completed by the airline

B= adjusted fatal accidents of all airlines in the list

C= number of million flights for all airlines on list

D= adjusted fatal accidents of the airline

The accident rate is calculated for each airline and compared to the average accident rate of all airlines. For airlines with no fatal accidents the more the departures the more favorable the accident rate becomes.


How does  South West airlines operate?

South West airlines give safety the first priority and the price is very low. It is very technologically advanced. In their 29 years of operation it didn’t had any fatal accident. It is the fourth largest airline in the country carrying the passengers. They do their own maintenance and have a fleet of 737s which is the youngest with an average age of eight years. It has efficient customer service and good boarding facility. The flight attendants have good sense of humor and ticket counters are well staffed. It serves better snacks than any other airline like chocolates, pop tarts, honey roasted peanuts etc. It has more legroom and you won’t find such facility other than American and Alaska. On the whole South West Airlines is a classy and quality operation.


What are the two key reasons for its no fatality?

The two key reasons are, they can easily replace an ailing plane with a functional plane and secondly pilots and mechanics are well trained and transferred. These are the reasons why the South West Airlines are good in safety, low cost and reduce the delays or cancellations.


What are the worst commercial airlines with fatalities?

  • Cubana

  • Air Zimbabwe

  • Aero Peru

  • Royal Jordanian

  • Egypt Air

  • TAM Brazil

  • China Airlines

  • Air India

  • Pakistan Airlines

  • Ethiopian Airlines

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