What are the things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska?

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Lincoln, Nebraska is the Midwest’s most renowned city. It is also the region’s most affordable and accessible city. It is located in the southwest corner of Nebraska. It is renowned for a fine culinary tradition and artistic treasures. It has many attractions like golf courses and trails, parks, restaurants, bars, specialty shops, museums and book shops. The city also has a vibrant budding live music scene. It is a fantastic place for hikers, bikers and birders. It is an ideal place both for business and to unwind with friends and enjoy. The airport Red Coats offer friendly baggage handling service at free of cost and no tipping is allowed.



What is the history of Lincoln, Nebraska?

The city founded as a village in Lancaster in 1859 by a group of prospectors who were engaged in building a salt industry out of the Salt Creek. Thus from salt mining these prospectors turned their attention to agriculture when the village gradually began to develop. On March 1, 1867, Nebraska became a state and Lancaster replaced Omaha as the state capital. Later, Lancaster is named Lincoln in honor of the 16th American President. Nebraska’s legislature has been working for about half a century and the city has a rich history. The State Capitol was designed by the famous architect Bertram Goodhue and Indiana limestone was used in its construction. The structure took 10 years to build and it was considered as the nation’s fourth wonder by the American Institute of Architects.



What is the University of Nebraska?

The University of Nebraska was built in 1869 and since then Lincoln has become home to this university. It was actually built as bastion of technical and agricultural studies, but now it offers around 52 specialized courses from 10 nationally acclaimed colleges. Around 25,000 students attend the campus every year and 1500 faculty and staff members lead the university.



What are the popular tourist attractions in Lincoln, Nebraska?

Pioneer’s Park Nature Center: It is a 1000 acre plot of land located on the western edge of Lincoln. The park is full of greenery and offers 8 miles of walking trails.

Wilderness Park: Occupying 1,475 acres, this is the largest park of Lincoln. It offers 22 miles of birding, hiking and biking trails.

Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center: This place near Denton has 800 acres of tall natural prairie grassland. In order to preserve the grass it is never cut with a plow. The wagon ruts from the Oregon Trail cutoff are still seen preserved. The grassland is home to different species of birds. Rose gardens at Antelope Park, Sunken gardens famous for waterfalls, Lincoln Children’s zoo and the Ager play center lie very close to the prairie center.

Veteran’s Memorial Garden: It has more than 21 memorials and over 3000 “bricks of remembrance” honoring veterans of foreign wars. The memorials are of Korea, Vietnam, Pearl Harbor, Airborne, Air force, Coast guard, Disabled veterans, Ex-prisoners of war, K-9 Corps, China-Burma-India, Medical, Purple Heart, Special Forces, Seabees, naval guards, Military women and Merchant marines.

Holmes Park: It is famous for boating and fishing. It has ball diamonds, play ground, golf course, Hyde memorial observatory and ice skating arrangements.

University of Nebraska State Museum: It features incredible exhibits which allow visitors to explore evolution. There are exhibits on ancient wings, beautiful murals as well as, reconstructions of habitats like wildcat hills. The museum has different sections dedicated to zoology, botany, parasitology and anthropology. It also has a large and well-maintained planetarium. Other attractions of Lincoln include State Fair Park Arboretum, Joshua C. Turner C Arboretum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Botanical Gardens and Arboretum.



What are the famous historical sites of Lincoln, Nebraska?

The famous historical sites of Lincoln are:

  • American Historical Society of Germans

  • Fairview, the home of William Jennings Bryan

  • Governor’s Mansion

  • Historic Haymarket

  • Lincoln Statue

  • Thomas P. Kennard House

  • State Capitol



What are the best things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska?

Special attractions for family and kids: Places for fun with family include Saltdogs Baseball or Haymarket Park, Adventure of Golf Center, Champions Fun Center, CJ’s Lincoln Paintball, Hyde Memorial Observatory, Lincoln Children’s Zoo, Cowboy Trail and the National Museum of Roller Skating.

Indoor Fun: Places for indoor fun include Ager Play Center, Laser Quest, Lincoln Children’s Museum, Lincoln Laser Tag, Lost in Fun, University of Nebraska State Museum-Morrill Hall and Mueller Planetarium.

Movie Theaters: Popular movie halls include Joyo Theater, Marcus Theater and Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center. The other attractions in Lincoln, Nebraska are Laser Quest, Folsom Children’s Zoo and Botanical Gardens, James Arthur Vineyards, Star City Shores, Pioneer’s park, Grandpa John’s Pumpkin Patch, Burlington Arcade Antique Mall, Eyes of the world Imports, Conner’s Architectural Antiques, Burnham House Antiques, Just Right Gifts, Daugherty’s Antiques, Nebraska Repertory Theater, Cornhusker Raceway theater, Spring Scavenger Hunt, Country Store and Burton’s Flowers.


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