What does a bellhop do? How to tip a bellhop?

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A Bellhop or a bellman or a bellboy is a hotel porter, who helps patrons with their luggage while checking in or out. This term was first used in 1910. The name "Bellhop" derived from the fact that when a hotel front desk clerk rang the bell to summon an employee, the boy would hop to take the instructions and hence the name bellhop. The term Bell porter is used in United Kingdom and Bellboy or Bellhop in American English term. They work in guest services department of large hotels and they are part of front desk team.


Their salaries largely depend on tips they receive from guests. Hotels usually offer benefits including insurance plans, paid vacations and free meals during working hours. Tipping a bellhop is a reward for good service, for quality assistance and for a job well done. It is a way to thank him for doing a job that directly serves you. It is customary to tip such an employee for his service.

What are the duties of a Bellhop?

Duties of a bellhop include greeting guests, opening the door, moving luggage, valeting the car, transporting guests, calling cabs, giving directions, checking guest room temperatures and conditions, checking television or telephone operating properly, any malfunctions have to be reported to the maintenance to get them repaired, run errands or pick up laundry and responding to the guest’s needs and should assist guests who are physically challenged to their rooms. 


What are the qualifications required for a Bellhop position?

A job of bellhop is perfect for someone who enjoys meeting people and can stand and walk for long hours. Most hotels hire bellhop from job applicant’s those have at least a high school diploma. A bellhop is trained by a bell captain. The first job of a bellhop can be an elevator operator in large hotels. Becoming employed in this field does not require extensive training or education. A bellhop should wear a fairly fancy uniform making them easily distinguishable from other personnel. Nowadays bellhop positions are held by both women and men.

What qualities do hotels look for in a Bellhop?

A bellhop should be always smiling, co-operative and friendly as he is the first and last person a hotel guest sees, so always leave a good impression. Bellhop should have good communication skills, should be reliable, prompt and have pleasant personality and well groomed.

Instructions on how to tip a bellhop?

The word “tip” has originated in England, it means to “insure promptness”.

  • Check the local customs as tipping in different countries can vary wildly from being not common at all to being the bellhop’s primary source of income.
  • Give the bellhop a tip for opening the room and showing it even if you don’t have luggage.
  • Keep small bills and change on hand for tipping.
  • Let the bellhop carry your bag even it’s a small bag.
  • Tipping the bellhop one dollar for each piece of luggage is standard.
  • The money should be surreptitiously passed in a handshake or small, minor handshake.
  •  Be sure to tip the services provided and don’t wait until they put the bellhop’s tips on your bill.
  • You don’t have to call the bellhop while you check out until you want to.
  •  Always tip for a great service and no need to tip for poor service.



Later this Tuesday, August 23, 2011 or Thursday I am going to be interviewed for a Hotel job, and I have always planed to be a Bellboy, but I still was not one hundred percent sure about the duties of a Bellhop, and in this article I just learnt everything I wanted. So I thank you very much! Thank you and Greetings from Brazil!