What is the history of Amusement Parks?

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Amusement parks are called as “pleasure gardens”. They were located in medieval Europe in the sixteenth century and had live picnic areas, entertainment, fireworks, dancing, games and rides. Chicago in the 1890’s is known to be the birth place of the first amusement park. The amusement parks were invented by George C. Tilyou, a masterful entrepreneur. “Bakken” the first amusement park opened till today in 1583 in the north of Copenhagen. They were popular till 1700, as the political situations caused all amusement parks to close down, again they were started in 1800’s. Most of the amusement parks were built at the end of trolley line. In 1893 the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago introduced the Ferris wheel and the midway in amusement parks. In 1895, Paul Boynton opened a park at Coney Island, which had three amusement parks, and smaller attractions. Over 1500 amusement parks were opened in the United States by 1919. Many amusement parks were closed during the World War II. In 1950 “Disneyland”, the first theme park was created.


What are some of the popular amusement parks?

Bakken (world’s oldest amusement park) in north of Copenhagen, Six Flags in Texas, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, Dorney Park in Allentown, Hershey park in Hershey, Pennsylvania, MGM Grand Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Universal Islands of adventure in Orlando, Florida, Lake Compounce Amusement park in Bristol, Rocky Point in Warwick, RI.


What are the best rated amusement parks by NAPHA?

According to NAPHA (National Amusement park Historical Association), the best operating amusement parks open till today are: Kennywood in Pittsburgh, PA, Seabreeze, Rochester, NY, Lakeside park, Denver, CO, Elitch Gardens, Denver, CO, Dorney park, Allentown, PA, Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada, Santa Cruz Beach Broadway, CA, Knoebels Grove, Elysburg, PA, Playland, Rye Beach, NY, Conneaut Lake park, PA.


Who made the first Rollercoaster?

The first roller coaster was founded by Lamarcus A. Thompson and the vertical roller coaster was invented by Lina Beecher in Toledo, Ohio. Ferris giant wheel was founded by George Ferris which amazed both young and old ones. In 1930 first cable sky ride and parachute jumping tower were introduced. America’s first modern amusement park was opened by Paul Boyton which was Paul boyton’s water chute. Boyton opened a second amusement park at Coney Island, Newyork in 1895. Amusement parks first appeared as resort grounds operated by inns and tavern. They became a good business and became more elaborate. In America amusement parks were opened as picnic grounds.


What are some of the amusement parks that have closed down?

Lincoln park, Sans Souci, White city, Luna park, Forest park, Joyland park (owned by African Americans), Riverview, it had the first suspended roller coaster and first parachute ride, Melrose park(first kiddieland), Santa’s village, Old Chicago and Six flags chain. Parks of all sorts have felt overwhelming pressure that affects all businesses and traditions, the public’s easy boredom and demand for change. Only some were successful in giving the people what they want while some others failed to give. Large theme parks try to innovate by introducing the new or modified wilder coaster rides, newer rides, or having regular bigger shows.

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