What to See in Paris in One Day Sightseeing Tour?

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Paris is a city that successfully amalgamates history with culture and beauty with passion. It is a city that is worth exploring where every nook and corner has some fascinating tale to share, but there are some places which you simply cannot afford to miss in one day sightseeing tour.

Art: One tourist attraction that matches the charisma of Paris is the Louvre. It may take years to study Louvre but you will not want to miss a glimpse of Mona Lisa, right? So, just walk in and see why Paris boasts of Louvre so much. You will find Rembrandt, Caravaggio and other under one roof just for you to witness their timeless beauty. Modern art at its best can be witnessed at Musse d’Orsay. Feast your eyes with the creations of Van Gogh, Manet and many more.

Architecture: Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Europe is a testament of Gothic architecture. Medieval Paris comes alive in Notre Dame and the stained glasses, statues and the towers are enough to make your Paris trip a memorable one. If it’s modern Paris and its grandeur that you are seeking then you must visit the Eiffel Tower. It is the icon of Paris and simply cannot be missed.

Institutions: Your date with Paris will be incomplete without visiting Université de Paris, one of the oldest seats of higher learning that has gifted the world with thinkers like Simone de Beauvoir and Jean- Paul Sartre. As you explore this university soak in its beauty and heritage that will linger long in your soul. You can pay homage to famous figures like Oscar Wilde, Richard Wright and Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaise.

Amusement: There is no need to think that Paris has nothing for your kids. They will surely enjoy their adventure time at the Disneyland Paris. A tour that your kids will definitely enjoy is of the Musée Grevin. It is one of the oldest wax museums of Europe and can provide your kids with ample scope to learn about famous personalities with a dash of fun. They can also gather knowledge about how wax artists create wax figures.You can let your kids enjoy on their own in the parks that dot the city. They can enjoy pony rides, watch puppet shows and discover nature from close quarters. A visit to the Menagerie, the public zoo can prove to be charming for your little ones.

The Seine River will beckon you to take a boat tour and you better not ignore it. You can take a 1 hour tour for just little as 10 Euros. A tour of Seine at night will expose a unique aspect of Paris which you will long cherish.

There are so many things to do in Paris that every waking moment of your tour will be filled with wonders and surprises. So come with an open heart and take back loads of memories as keepsakes.